Raejack Village is the first village you arrive at the start of the game. After your character's dream at the beginning of the game, you wake up in the inn, but are called to the castle by a knight because you are the descendent of the ancient hero.


Before Grass templeEdit

  • Bluesy the Slime - Next to the Northern Houses is a Blue Slime. His name is Bluesy, and he dreams of being a human. Talk to Bluesy to begin a sidequest.
  • The Groom - In the house next to Bluesy the Slime is a man and two girls. He is deciding whom to marry. On his left is his Childhood Friend. On his right is a Wealthy Woman. He will ask you who he should marry. Answering does not affect the outcome of the game, but it is part of a sidequest in order to get the Giga Sword.
  • The Retired Hero - In the house west of the Groom's is a man who claims to have been a hero. He mentions "lightning fast creatures" who he couldn't kill. He asks you to kill 10 of these creatures (Crystal Slime) for a reward. Doing so will result in a Life Up.
  • The Mech Design Man - In the Inn is a man who wants to make a 3D Mech Game.This is a time-based event that must be completed before completing the Grass Temple Talking to him starts a extremely long sidequest known as the "Game Design Quest" that will last the entire game. Completing it will give you a special reward.

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