Knights are enemies found primarily in Temples. They are capable of blocking attacks aimed at their front (even a sword with Pierce), but they are vulnerable from the sides and back, and cannot block Bombs from the front. They will ignore the player and walk around slowly if the player is far away, but will walk towards nearby players, then getting out their miniture sword and attempting to ram the player. If bounced of a shield while raming they will stop moving for a short time before continuing the ramming process (straight line), and they stand still for a few seconds after they stop ramming, allowing the player to attack them from behind. For some reason they will ignore the player if they stop with a one square obstacle between them and the player, and they will tur around, allowing the player to hit them if they have a pierce weapon. They only notie the player if the player is in front of them or hits them. They are pretty hard to get in the Bestiary, but the Bestiary has Pierce, which makes it easier.

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