Blockout is a minigame found exclusivley in Orgato Village, accessed from an NPC in the shop with a sign with a silluette in the shape of one MP. The prize for clearing it is a Life Shard.

How to playEdit

The player must make the ball destroy all the blocks in Blockout by launching it with R1, then, using the shield or sword, deflect it towards the blocks when it comes back. The player loses a ball if there are no balls in play (all destroyed), and the ball is destroyed if it hits the body of the player character (bounces off shield) or the bottom wall of the area. The ball speeds up if hit by the sword. There are also chests to destroy. Destroyin a chest causes an apple to appear and move towards the bottom of the screen. Red apples, when collected, cause the ball to duplicate into many balls, all of which begin heading towards the back of the area. Green apples, when collected, change the colour of the ball and make it pass through and completly destroy all blocks it hits. The apples can both be in effect simultaniously, and multiple red apples may work together. The player does not lose if a ball is destroyed if there are more balls in play. The sword used is the equipped sword, and any can be used, but it will be the size it is when the wielder's LIFE is not at the maximum and no MAX powerup is in effect.